Isprava luxury homes for sale in ALIBAUG!

The Isprava Experience

At Isprava, we understand that buying a home provokes many desires. Whether it is a retirement retreat, a holiday escape or a home away from home, it needs to be an exclusive, unique and secure purchase. A valued investment that is equipped with the best-in-class facilities, amenities and services. Cushioned with heartfelt hospitality. Timeless and bespoke in style and aesthetic. A place you can call your own. At Isprava, we strive to embrace the highest benchmarks to deliver all this and more.

Exclusivity | Comfort | Integrity


Each Isprava home is built in a way so that each of them is unique. We offer customers full ownership of an individual plot* that allows privacy and spaciousness. We build each home with natural materials to give it an authentic heritage feel, and design it in a unique architectural style with custom-furnished interiors in the Indo-European tradition.

*This does not apply to homes in a Vaddo.

Full Ownership

Developers usually construct a group of homes on a shared plot or ‘gated community’ with common recreational spaces in order to squeeze in the maximum units possible. Buyers own shares within these communities, rather than the land itself, which restricts their ability to redevelop it and enjoy the benefit of its financial appreciation. At Isprava, we place utmost importance on the trust factor of a land deal. So we provide each buyer full ownership of an individual plot, giving them the autonomy to redevelop it at any point in time.

*This is not applicable for homes in a gated community.

Privacy & Spaciousness

Homes within a cookie-cutter space are often clustered close together, which means the homes often lack privacy and spaciousness. Significantly larger than most options in the market, our homes have sprawling living and dining areas, four to six large bedrooms with attached baths, a spacious kitchen, walkways, balconies, terraces, landscaped gardens, and private swimming pools.

Authentic Heritage Feel

We use natural, indigenous building materials, along with traditional load-bearing construction techniques, to craft homes that have genuine appeal and that withstand the test of time. Our Goan homes are meticulous assemblies of laterite, wood and natural tile, while in the Nilgiris, we use grey stone, wood and brick. Visitors often confuse our homes with real heritage properties.

Unique Architectural Styles

Some of our homes have Indo-Mediterranean influences with Portuguese façade and Indian courtyards, others are inspired by French country homes with cobbled floors and stucco walls, while still others are influenced by colonial British architecture with wooden rafters and wainscoting. Individually unique, all our exquisite homes share Isprava’s characteristic blend of Indian tradition and European subtlety.

Custom-Furnished Interiors

From ancient doors from Rajasthan’s palaces to inlay chests from Gujarat’s darbars, antique paintings from Mughal kingdoms to heritage cupboards from old havelis, every artefact in each of our homes, has a story of discovery to tell. We even create customized vintage-style flooring and commission textiles exclusively hand-crafted by artisans and weavers from across India, for each room of every home.

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