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We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are premium yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant. Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each holiday home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell. Here are a few good reads to give you more insight on luxury villas in Goa, architecture, interiors, beautifully designed bungalows and real estate markets.


Life in paradise AKA Coonoor

  Isprava life in Coonoor is a testament to cultural richness, grandeur and scenic beauty. Waking up to the verdant hills of Coonoor, covered partially by the murky clouds, in a home surrounded by an inordinate variety of wildflowers, birds and waterfalls, is the closest one can come to experiencing heaven on earth.  Gleneagle Estate, Kotagiri If you are on the lookout for an escape from that fast-paced and frenetic life, then Coonoor is the perfect place for you to unwind and relax. Every Isprava home in Coonoor is designed in tandem with the warmth and coziness that the place …


The 6 Pillars of Isprava

  Your values are where you procure your strength from, they become intrinsic to who you are. At Isprava, as the name suggests, our strength and support is derived from 6 essential pillars. These 6 pillars constitute our core defining principles. In every project, be it the gated community in Goa or the estates in Coonoor, and at every stage you will see an unassailable presence of all these 6 pillars, in the form of a silhouette, guiding and representing us for what we truly stand for.   Unique Design At Isprava, we love to illustrate a good juxtaposition of culture, …

Kshitiz Bilala

Meet our CFO – Kshitiz Bilala

  Born and brought up in Jaipur and having travelled to more than 40 countries, Kshitiz brings his diverse experiences and talents to Isprava. In his free time, he loves watching movies and spending time with his 3 year old daughter. We catch up with Kshitiz and chat a little bit about him and his time here with us. Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you end up at Isprava? I am a Chartered Accountant all India ranker and Level 2 CFA. I came to know about Isprava through Michael Page, who scheduled my interviews. I loved the …

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