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An ideal getaway with your partner

08th Aug 2019


The contemporary lifestyle and daily hustle makes it quite tricky to take out some time to rest and recharge. This makes it all the more difficult to find time to be spent with your significant other. However, long weekend plans and romantic weekend getaways with your beloved can be a conducive option. It is an ideal opportunity to simply unwind and spend some quality time with your partner. Breaks like these are imperative in keeping not only your mental health but also your physical and emotional well-being stable.

This is how an ideal holiday with your partner looks like at an Isprava home.


Engage in Leisure Activities Together


Villa Loto Bianco, Siolim.



As a way to celebrate an anniversary or your love, a couple can engage in various activities together. One can take a Tango class and learn a new form of dance with their partner or resuscitate whilst being awe-struck by different varieties of birds flocking around our luxury private villas in India. Our luxury holiday homes for rent like Villa Loto Bianco offer stellar backdrops where one can simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful view.


Romantic Strolls in the Lap of Nature



Our holiday homes in India are located at destinations where the earth meets the sky and the palm trees sway to the beach breeze. Romantic strolls along the sea shore or up on fog covered hills, amidst lush greenery is all that is needed to reflect back on your relationship.


Unwind Together


Villa Alenteho, Assagaon.


Hit the pool complete with pool floats with your partner or unwind together by taking a relaxing massage. Be it a revitalizing yoga session or a surprise for your beloved, our guest relationship manager attends to every such need of yours.


Get Competitive with Indoor Games


Albany Cottage, Coonoor.


We have an array of activities and indoor games to keep you entertained and engaged, while also giving you a good opportunity to bond with your partner. Our villas for rent and sale are equipped with all the amenities that you need to make your holiday one to remember.


After all, it is moments like these that make a getaway memorable!


Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock, Unsplash.

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