Nilgiris, like you have never seen it!


Nilgiris is situated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, with beautiful hills and wilderness like no place else. Follow this information and experience the Nilgiris District like it is your first time ever.



The earliest settlers in the Nilgiris were the tribes of Badaga, Toda, Kota, Kurumba and Irula. Each of these tribes introduced their own bit of culture to the Nilgiris of today.



Souvenirs and goodies

The Nilgiris popularly procures honey, tea and chocolates. People usually believe that tea was discovered before honey, but this is a common misconception.The tea plantations were developed in 1819, when the British era begun, much after honey was already being extracted. When the sales for the tea picked up, they had to introduce the railway in order to ship tea to England via Cochin. Take back the handmade green tea when you leave, because it is the best thing about Nilgiris.



Shola Forest

The experience provided by the Longwood Shola Reserve Forest is unlike anything you have witnessed before. The trees are preserved by the locals and grow in a dense slanted manner, hence while walking through the forest everything around you appears dark because sunlight never touches the ground. This attraction is beautiful during the rains because the ground that you walk on almost feels like a sponge.



Nilgiris Mountain Railway and more

Recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Nilgiris Mountain Railway, made with a meter gauge, was introduced in the late 1800s in order to export tea. It is commonly described as an engineering marvel due to its unimpaired tunnels that cut through mountains. Additionally, a beautiful attraction is Sims Park, named after J.D. Sim, a British official based in the then Madras Presidency. It consists of a breathtaking display of trees, plants and shrubs. Most importantly, fruit trees are used in the Sims park to perform fruit shows.



The Nilgiris offer an awe inspiring kaleidoscopic of visual treats and unforgettable experiences. Helping you discover them is where we come in.


Picture Courtesy: Bunktime, TravelEscape, Research Matters, UNITEA.