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Villa Branco -Luxury Villa in North-Goa

Home of the Month : Villa Branco

Villa Branco is a Luxury Private Pool Villa for Sale in North Goa that covers a space of 1,275 sq. m. with 5 Bedrooms. If you seek comfort and splendor, then check out our Villa of the Month.

A Newbies Guide to Alibaug

  Just 110 kilometres away from Mumbai, the beachy vibes of Alibaug make it the perfect weekend getaway. This little coastal town has become the go-to place for A-listers for all things that define luxury and relaxation. More importantly, the added bonus of owning a private villa in Alibaug gives ample of space and privacy, due to the lack of crowd. How can one find a better environment to let go off all the week’s stress and unwind?   Getting There The quickest transport to get to Alibaug from Mumbai, is by boat from the Gateway of India in Mumbai’s south …

How a mirror can transform your space

  Most people believe that mirrors are just a method of beautification. Little do they know, that adding a mirror to your luxury villa can change a lot more than its aesthetics. When used in the right way, a mirror can become your design underdog. We have highlighted a few tips for improving a space by using mirrors.     Make your room larger If your goal is to double your space and make a room seem much bigger than it is then adding mirrors will fulfill just that. It can make a narrow hallway wider, a storage cupboard more spacious …

Power of Indoor Plants

  All our lives we have been told that greens have a ton of benefits. In terms of design, plants are as important accessories in the space as any other home decor proves to be. Whether you place the plant pots in a corner, or hang them or display it on a wall shelf, they will help give you a green thumb and build your skills.  If the visual appeal of plants is not enough to convince you of their capabilities then we have listed the biggest reasons why you need to go buy numerous plants from your nearest nursery.  …

News, New Villas and Natural Settings

    Albany Cottage’s 5 treasures that you won’t find at any other homestay Amidst the lush, verdant backdrop of Coonoor, sits Albany Cottage, a stunning home with plenty of colonial charm. Here, you will find magical treasures and luxurious promises that are hard to find anywhere else. Majestic views of the Nilgiris. Acres and acres of deep foliage everywhere you look. Albany Cottage situated in Coonoor, is where you can find a little chunk of paradise. Spread across 780 sq metres, this home will take your breath away. Right from its four tastefully designed bedrooms to its sit-outs that …

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