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Why Are People Choosing Holiday Homes Over Hotels

12th Mar 2019


The popularity of holiday homes is gaining more and more momentum with every passing day. Travelers are increasingly considering holiday rentals and looking at investing in their own luxury holiday homes. Of course, hotel properties have their own charm and advantages. However, there are a few tempting elements in a holiday house that most people look for and want during their trip. From privacy and your personal space to a homely and local stay, holiday homes have a few powerful advantages over hotels.


Home Away From Home

The most basic strength of a holiday home is that it is a ‘home away from home’ in every sense. One can have the same amount of comfort and homeliness that a permanent residence provides. It can offer luxe amenities while also satiating all the necessary requirements that a house should have. Moreover, a holiday home has what a hotel room doesn’t – personal touch.


Untampered Schedules and Personalised Ruled

When you reside at a hotel during your vacation, you may not be able to follow your own routine or rules. At a holiday home, on the other hand, there is no fixed schedule to follow. The rules here are set by you as per your convenience.


Strengthens Bonds

What usually happens when a large group of people travel together to a destination and stay in a hotel, the group then gets scattered in different rooms. That division certainly limits the whole experience. Big groups have a great advantage with holiday homes in that case. With accommodation under one roof, engaging in cooking and other recreational activities together, and no imposition of rules, these make for an ideal option for them.


Inevitable Exploring

Staying in a hotel may unintentionally restrict you from exploring the local areas with the convenience of having access to all the necessities and luxury amenities there. As in with a holiday home, one is made to step out, explore, and experience the place.

Evidently, holiday homes are becoming the top preference of people today. The incomparable appeal of them is what keeps pushing us to build more holiday homes in India and beyond; ones that make your vacations uplifting and indelible.




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