Isprava wins the ET NOW Real Estate Brand of the Year Award
Villa Verde in goa

Quiz: Which Isprava home is perfect for you? Find out now!

  Every Isprava home is unique and has its own charm. Have you ever wondered which home would suit you best? Take our short quiz to find out which Isprava home is perfect for you.

Isprava – New Beginnings

1) ISPRAVA WEBSITE: CLICK REFRESH The New Year has brought with it some new developments for the Isprava family. Among the biggest changes has been the website A website is the face of a brand; it is meant to exude the brand’s philosophy while serving its most primary function of providing information. Knowing how discerning buyers are always keen on researching about a home and its creator in this digital age, it became imperative to update the Isprava website for facts, flair and photos. The newly revamped website makes it a lot easier for the reader to get to …

Where to eat Goan in North Goa?

  When it comes to traveling in India, no itinerary is complete without a stopover in Goa. We first came to Goa when looking at land for sale in the sunny state. We wanted to create the perfect holiday homes for those discerning individuals who want more than just superficial luxury. Every Isprava home is built on the foundations of exclusivity, comfort and integrity; three things we take very seriously. If you are considering looking at property in Goa, reach out to us and let us share a little bit more about our story. One thing that is undeniable is …

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