The Isprava Experience

Isprava is built on three pillars. We offer exclusivity through one-of-a-kind homes, exquisitely crafted in the Indo-European tradition. We offer the highest levels of comfort, down to every last detail. Finally, we function with integrity in our dealings, whether complying with all paperwork and regulations or operating with consideration for the community.

Exclusivity | Comfort | Integrity


A business to us seems pointless if it takes liberties with the law or operates without consideration for the community. We obtain clear ownership titles for all our land and adhere to every regulation to ensure that the legality of our properties can never be questioned. We also endeavour to construct in an ecologically friendly manner and give back to those who support us.

Clear Ownership Titles

Plots available for sale in certain parts of India can have unclear title records, and buyers sometimes purchase a property only to realize that their ownership is questionable. Sellers are even known to pay off a buyer’s lawyer to incorrectly attest that a title is clear. Our team of legal, archiving and land-registration specialists obtains ownership records going back much longer than legally required to ensure that our homeowners never have to face such an eventuality. In Goa, for instance, we obtain records going back 50-80 years although we are required to account for only 30 years of ownership.

Adherence to Regulations

Obtaining a license to construct and occupy a home in India can be complex and time consuming, with several sets of permissions required from the health, forest, water, electrical and town-and-country departments, with a final clearance from a local body. Even seemingly minor violations can result in an entire home being demolished. ¬†Not only do those building for themselves unknowingly flout laws, but developers often knowingly turn a blind eye, with the buyer having to bear the brunt once an authority takes note. At Isprava, we comply with all regulations, modifying our structures wherever necessary to accommodate even the most intricate requirements so that our homeowners’ interests are never compromised.

Ecologically Friendly

We value sustainability and make every effort to be sensitive to our surroundings. We avoid chopping large trees and try to integrate them into our structures. We attempt to use natural alternatives to commonly-used chemicals, such as beeswax to polish furniture and hard wax oils to treat exteriors. We also completely refrain from using asbestos, a toxic construction material widely used in India. Finally, our use of natural building materials allows us to minimize reliance on concrete, the manufacture of which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Giving Back

Ensuring the well-being of workers is our priority, whether providing safe drinking water, ensuring access to electricity, monitoring their health, or routinely spraying their accommodations to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses. We also contribute a percentage of the proceeds of each home towards a project for the village in which it is located, whether this means building a well, repairing a school or constructing a public toilet. Finally, our use of locally-sourced materials helps support industry in the areas in which we operate.