The Isprava Experience

Isprava is built on three pillars. We offer exclusivity through one-of-a-kind homes, exquisitely crafted in the Indo-European tradition. We offer the highest levels of comfort, down to every last detail. Finally, we function with integrity in our dealings, whether complying with all paperwork and regulations or operating with consideration for the community.

Exclusivity | Comfort | Integrity


Luxury is as much to us about the hidden comforts as it is about the visible amenities. We aim to fulfill every need of our home-owners; whether creating natural environments, providing luxurious amenities, or offering seamless maintenance services.

Natural Environment

Our use of natural materials such as laterite, wood, brick, and natural tile, help maintain ambient temperatures within our homes, keeping them cool during hot summers and providing natural insulation from cold winters. Each heritage home is oriented to ensure abundant fresh air and sunlight. We design courtyards to provide a cooling breeze in warmer climates, and create winter gardens to allow home-owners to discover an outdoor experience in colder climates.

Luxurious Amenities

Every detail is an important part of the holiday home experience. From just the right pressure in the shower to the latest television in the living room, the softest mattress on the bed to the best coffee maker in the kitchen, all our buyers need to do is to arrive and enjoy their exclusive homes.


Seamless Maintenance

We understand that hassle-free maintenance is crucial to the holiday home experience, and Isprava provides housekeeping, security, gardening, electrical and plumbing services, along with a professional property manager to oversee and coordinate all service requirements. This comes at no cost for the first year*, with an option to retain any portion for a monthly fee thereafter.

*This does not apply for homes in a Gated Community.